Monday, February 20, 2012

My Monday Morning

Hey guys,
Yesterday was my Auntie's birthday who passed away July 1, 2007. She was so sweet, so smart, so kind, and nurturing. I could just sit in her presence just to here her speak. Everytime I seen her she would let me play in her beautiful black long wavy hair.  I miss her dearly and I know that she is in a better place. Happy Birthday Auntie.

Happy President Day Everyone!!!!!
I start off my Monday morning studying for an exam I have tomorrow. I'll just say poetry is not my stongest subject. It has taking me too long to study for this exam;I wonder how i'll do. Wish me luck guys.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Life so Far

Hey Guys,
This week has been a test with my emotions. Good thing I have passed them because It was not gonna be a good sight. This has to do with my sorority. Anyway, I am so excited to announce that I am taking a real estate course. I have been wanting to start real estate since I was in high school. When I was in middle school I told myself that I was going to own a home by the time I turned 21. That hasn't happened yet, and maybe it will. I haven't lost hope. I had mixed feelings about it and was afraid of failing. Now, that I put those mixed feelings and fears behind me, i just went for it. So far I do not regret it. I think that was one of the most smartest decisions that I have made in my life. At this moment in time, I want to become a Real Estate agent, as a mater of fact, I am going to become a real estate agent. I have a strong passion for real estate and I am not going to let anyone stop me from achieving it. My goal is to have my license before the Fall of 2012 starts. Wish me luck guys lol =)

I'm still working out and still enjoying my classes. I don't think I had lost any weight. Perhaps it's because I need to work on my eating habits. As a college student, It is hard to eat right because of the limited selection here on campus. Not having my own kitchen doesn't help. Hopefully, I graduate in 2013 or the beginning of 2014. I really don't care as much, just as long as I get my bachelors degree in human resource management. I have also been thinking about investing in stocks. I'll look more into it and just see what happens.

Why I Started This Blog

Hey Guys,
I guess I'll start off by saying why I started this blog. I started this blog to document my life from now until whenever. I wanted to be able to come back to my previous post and look back at the thoughts and feelings that I have had. I wanted to document my life as a young college student, waiting until the day I finally graduated. If I got enaged, married, bought a home, or even became a mother. I wanted to read how I felt about certain aspects of my personally life and love life for as long as I could. Now that it has been a over a month since the New Year has started, I guess I'll try harder to document My Journey called Life.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Late Christmas Everyone

I know I am definitely late, but better late than never. Anyway I hope everyone had a great Christmas spending it with family and friends. I had the best Christmas ever. I was happy to see my step Grandparents, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. Then my sister surprised me and told me that I was going be an auntie to another little one. I am so excited for her and can't wait until I see this little one. Altogether including step I have 5 amazing sisters, 3 handsome brothers, and I am an auntie of 17. Now its my turn to have a little one in the future. I love my large family and some of them I only see once a year and its not altogether. Maybe one day I can see my large family at one time. Now picture time.

My sister and Neice Shantel

My Neice Aniqua

My cousin chantell and neice shantel

Shantel, Chantell,Aniqua, and neice Diamond
Me, my cousin Yolanda and cousin Hazel

Auntie Pam and neice A'LannahRose

Little Brother Raymond and his girlfriend

Lauryn and Ma'Kayla

Big sis Lauryn and our neice A'LannahRose

Lauryn's baby girl and my neice Brooklynn
Big sis Tanya and her baby girl A'LannahRose
Lauryn's daughter Ma'Kayla with cookie on her face
My nephew and Tanya's son Kamarri
My mother's pup Angel a.k.a. Demon Seed
(From Left) Nephew and Tanya's oldest son Kamassi, Lauryn's oldest daughter Kalanie, cousin Brian, and nephew Kamarri
My big sis Nicole's daughters, Shantel and Diamond

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day!!!! and Happy Birthday Diamond!!!!!

Happy Veterans Day everyone!!!!!
I hope everyone have had a good day today, especially the Veterans who have served this county. I would like to thank the Veterans from the bottom of my heart who are serving and have served this country. They have risked their lives to help keep our country safe and I appreciate this dearly.
I went to the Veterans Day parade this year for the first time at had a good time with my sorority sister Erika.

Happy Birthday Miss Diamond!!!!!

Today is my niece Diamond's Birthday and she turned 12 today. My gosh I still see her as my baby now she is almost a teenager. I admire her sweetness and humbleness as she is so young. Looking at her generation scares me, but I know that she have a good head on her shoulders. I hope she have enjoyed her day and wished I could have shared it with her. Auntie loves you dearly sweetie and hope you have many more birthdays as you share it with the men and women who serve this country.
 I'll see her in two weeks when I return home for my winter vacation yay!!!!

How did you guys spend your Veterans Day?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I haven't been updating my blog as much as I should have been. Now I guess I can start too.
I want to get my real estate licence this summer, hopefully I can do so. I just found out since I changed my major, that I have to stay an extra quarter =(. So far my social life have been great!!! Thanks to my lovely sorority sisters. Oh and yesterday was my niece A'LanahRose's first birthday!!!! She have become such a big girl and her Auntie love her lots.
Well I guess that's all for now folks lol =)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My First Blog

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that I'm writing my first blog. I have been wanting to create a blog for some time now and just decided to do so at 3:55 in the morning. I might end up rambling at the end, but its okay right? So how do I start, well I'm a college student currently junior status, majoring in business administation with a concentration in human resources, looking for a job, so I can save for a car,  in a sorority, and single. Now that I got that out of the way, what else uhhh oh, Kappa Delta Nu is the name if my sorority and we have the best times together. We don't party a lot but enough lol. I couldn't ask for better sorority sisters if my life depended on it lol. Being a college student bring its pros and cons. So far I don't regret going to college, it have been the best and the smartest decision that I have ever made in my life and im proud that I have done so. I have mature in to a young woman, and what that means to me is that I am learning from my mistakes, responsibility, being a leader and just becoming a better person in general. The only cons about going to college that I can come up with, is the debt that is accumulated =( and a degree that is not used. Anyway, I guess I will call it a night, I have a long day a head of me.
LaTiera Williams
me of course